"We exist to Glorify God by developing committed serving disciples of Jesus Christ who love and lead others to Him"


"Were committed to Love God, Love His Truth, Love one Another, While loving All People!"


We believe the Bible, consisting of the 39 Books of the Old Testament and the 27 Books of the New Testament, Is God's absolute, objective truth for all people for all times....

A Defining Decision

The ultimate truth in the life of every single person, is that you will have to make a defining decision that will affect your final destination. Here at Grace United we   are dedicated to helping you understand significance of consequence, that this decision brings. In 2011 I failed to share the importance of this decision with my own brother out of disobedience to God. And 3 days later, his life was ended unannounced, by an unseen suicide. From that day forward I vowed that If I truly  loved God, and was going to serve Him as He called me to do, then I would show my love for Him by loving people. And how would I do that, by sharing His truth in love to everyone that I would come in contact with. That is why we want to share our love with you by helping you walk through the importance of the ultimate defining decision. So Let us as a family invite you to learn, grow, and join our family, by loving you, walking with you, and helping you to grow into what God has purposed for you to be. Come and Join us here at Grace United Bible Fellowship, "Where the word of God is the only authority."


                                                                             May Grace and Love Be With You All,

                                                                             Pastor Kenneth McDuffie